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Our team is all lean muscle, but our mighty network of directors, designers, editors, artists and friends help us scale up fast for any project. Take a look. Talent

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We’re a tight crew with a deep pedigree, Oakland heart and LA skills. Digital content, commercials, documentaries. We’ve made ‘em all and we still get excited every time.


Cutting In: Certified Career Counselling for Aspiring Editor

Some of the industry’s top editors speak to LBB’s Josh Neufeldt about remote vs. in-person work, necessary skills for the job, and how they themselves got started in the business

Glassdoor Highlights Bad Workplaces to Help People Find a Job That Loves Them Back

On the heels of last year’s successful brand campaign for Glassdoor, creative production company Where The Buffalo Roam (WTBR) produced a series of spots showcasing why the platform is still the worldwide leader on insights about jobs and companies. Conceived in collaboration with Glassdoor’s in-house creative agency, and directed under the comedic sensibilities of Brian L. Perkins, the campaign humorously plays into the Glassdoor namesake - and the Superman-like powers it offers job hunters to see companies for who they really are from the inside – from leadership teams to work environments to pay and benefits.

Director Rob Richert, Editor Whitney James Roam Their Way to WTBR

Full-service creative production company Where The Buffalo Roam (WTBR) welcomes Sundance Award-winning Director Rob Richert for US market commercials and branded content. Hailed for his wit and sharp eye for detail, Richert has enjoyed a successful career directing long-form commercial work, as seen in his Glad Press ‘n’ Seal spot, an infomercial parody; a zany brand film for Ginkgo Bioworks; and a game show spoof for Floome Breathalyzers. Also joining WTBR is Editor Whitney James, whose kinetic and visually striking editing style can be seen in campaigns for Nike, White Claw, Pitchfork, DoorDash, Pinterest, and Audi, among other major brands.

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