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Happy F!%#ing Holidays

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Cost Plus World Market

Gift Thoughtfully

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Puppies Crash Christmas

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If Life Were Like Web Design

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#WeAccept Superbowl

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Bicycling Bookseller

Fat Free

Our team is all lean muscle, but our mighty network of directors, designers, editors, artists and friends help us scale up fast for any project. Take a look. Talent

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Jason Warne

Creative Director / Illustrator

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Syra McCarthy


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David McMurry

Director / DP / Photographer

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Chris Carmichael

Designer / Animator

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Jonathan Flookes


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Jessica Gibson


Welcome to getting sh*t done.

We’re a tight crew with a deep pedigree, Oakland heart and LA skills. Digital content, commercials, documentaries. We’ve made ‘em all and we still get excited every time.


Google “Life Unfolds | An Origami Story” by WTBR and State

The challenge of humanizing Big Tech and grounding the benefits in an emotional story is conquered with charm and visual wit in this brand film for Google from the all-California team of State and Where The Buffalo Roam.

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Welcome to the Oneness. ✨

This is a place, a feeling, and a state of being that exists in the liminal space between working and not working; between accomplishing your goals and doing nothing at all. ...

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Client: @piaggio
Agency/ Production Company: @wtbr.tv
Executive Producer: @timpries
Director: @davidmcmurry
Creative Director: ...

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