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Our team is all lean muscle, but our mighty network of directors, designers, editors, artists and friends help us scale up fast for any project. Take a look. Talent

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We’re a tight crew with a deep pedigree, Oakland heart and LA skills. Digital content, commercials, documentaries. We’ve made ‘em all and we still get excited every time.


Where The Buffalo Roam’s Brian L. Perkins Shoots Straight with Dollar Shave Club

Full-service creative production company Where The Buffalo Roam (WTBR) produced a hilarious new series of spots for Dollar Shave Club, directed by in-house comedy talent Brian L. Perkins.

The VFX Industry Reflects on 2022

International VFX experts from The Mill, Framestore, Heckler, the Ambassadors and more tell LBB’s Ben Conway what trends shaped the industry in 2022, and share their predictions for next year

Outlook: 3D Animation & Design in 2023

3D animation and design are everywhere. From big-budget VFX movies to advertising to social videos on our phones, the demand for animated content has been on a steady incline for many years now. Over the past year, we’ve seen an increasing number of clients wanting these types of high-fidelity animations and rendering. Thanks to the ever-evolving technology surrounding 3D, we’ve continued to push forward and adopt new techniques, which are allowing artists to create more detailed, higher-quality imagery in faster times.

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