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Thrilled to work with our good pals at Agency SOS on a project that included pratfalls, t-shirt cannons, VFX magic, and custom-made giant red basketball head.

Thanks to Gametime for putting this dream team together.

Client: Gametime

Agency: Agency SOS

Agency SOS Creative Director: John Kovacevich

Executive Producer: PJ Koll

Director: Brian L. Perkins

Line Producer: Emma Jubinski

Post Producers: Chris Larsen, Michael Schultz

Creative Director & VFX Supervisor: Simon Mowbray

Flame Artist: Simon Mowbray

2D/3D Design & Animation: Simon Mowbray, Chris Carmichael

2D Design & Animation: Jessica Gibson, Jake Pryor

Editor: Jonathan Flookes

Assistant Editor: Austin Hobart

Sound Design & Mix: One Union

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