Freshworks Fresh Effect - Where The Buffalo Roam


Freshworks Fresh Effect

Agency: BarrettSF

Director: Michelle Pak

1st AD: Annie Spiegelman

Producer: Hillary Bergmann

Head of Production: Amy Russo

Editor: Jonathan Flookes

Designer: Andy Bernet

Storyboard Artists: Max Forward and Mr. Mo

Compositors: Jess Gibson, Jake Pryor, TJ Sochor

3D Animator: Jonathan Corriveau

2D Animators: Jordan Taylor and TJ Sochor

Colorist: Sean Wells // Roast n Post

VFX Supervisor: Jess Gibson

Production Coordinator: Katia Andon

Director of Photography: Tom Lazarevich

Camera Operator: Brett Sims

1st AC: Chuy Valadez

2nd AC/Data: Brandon Smith

VTR: Andrew Tarazi

Camera PA: Walter Wood

Gaffer: Chris Galdes

BB Electric: Cyrus Amini

Key Grip: Don Henderson

BB Grip: Alex Herter

Swing: Roy Ellis

Art Director and Stylist: Colleen Hartman

Set Dresser: Leah Parks

Props: Mani

Wardrobe Assistant: Rachel Hall

Make-Up Artist: Sarah Coy

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