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Perfected for Sleep

Sijo was a great opportunity to bring absurdist comedy to the bedding industry.

The client was open and interested to creative that set them apart from the traditional straight-laced style of presenting rest and relaxation, allowing us to create scenes of bird enthusiasts and saxophone playing scientists. Great creative, great talent, and a great brand.

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Client: Sijo

Executive Producer: PJ Koll

Director: Adam Avilla

Head of Production: Christine Whitney

Producer: Emma Jubinski

Director of Photography: Ethan Indorf

Post Producer: Mike Schultz

Editors: Talia St. Clair, Jonathan Flookes

Design & Animation: Jessica Gibson

Production Designer: Bret Lama

Wardrobe Stylist: Dexter Simmons

Gaffer: Matthew Stouppe

Color: MFD

Music: Equal Music

Mix: One Union

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