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David McMurry

Director / DP / Photographer

David’s subjects range from rock ’n roll heroes to hog hunters, and he thinks some of the most interesting stories are found in the hinterlands, where he spent an Okie childhood being raised amidst an elixir of god, guns and football.

He got his start in filmmaking on projects that included: The Flaming Lips, U.F.O.’s at the Zoo (Warner Bros.), Okie Noodling II (American Public Television) and Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo (HBO Documentary Films). His ability to get up close and personal with subjects launched a career that has taken him around the globe on features, brand films, and series for Netflix and Amazon.

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David infuses a gritty realism and cinematic style into work for commercial clients such as NIke, Levis, VISA, Dodge, Ford, Samsung, Gatorade and Google, and he’s worked on national campaigns alongside acclaimed photographers including Annie Leibovitz, Ben Watts, and Carlos Serrao.

His current projects include films about an aging cult musician revitalizing his career and a peyote roadman trying to save the world.



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